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How to use automatic chats assignment

In this article, we'll explain how to configure automatic chat assignment in Bulldog WP to ensure that incoming chat requests are efficiently distributed among your team.

Bulldog WP's automatic chat assignment feature helps you manage incoming chat requests by evenly distributing them among available agents. This way, you can avoid overburdening a single agent and ensure each chat request is handled promptly and efficiently. Configuring automatic chat assignment allows you to balance the workload and improve your customer service response times.

Note: only Administrator and Supervisor users can view and edit automatic chat assignment configuration.

How Automatic Chat Assignment Works

Automatic chat assignment works by distributing incoming chat requests to agents based on their current workload and availability. When a new chat request comes in, the system will automatically assign it to the agent with the least number of active chats. If all agents have an equal number of active chats, the chat request will be assigned to the agent who has been idle for the longest period.

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