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Send expiring messages via API

In this tutorial you will learn how to create messages with an expiration time.

Important:: Expiration time only affects messages that are in the queue and, therefore, that have not been sent yet. The system will automatically delete messages that are in the queue if the sending process exceeds a certain amount of time that you have determined.

This feature is especially useful when the content of the message is time sensitive and wouldn't be of any use if the recipient gets them after a certain amount of time.

A typical use case is one-time verification passwords that are sent to customers and that are only valid for a limited time. Let's say, for instance, that you sent a one-time password to a customer to verify their account on your website and that the customer has 5 minutes to insert it. If the message containing such password stays in the queue for longer than 3 minutes, for example, it will be eliminated and won't get sent to your customer.

If you want to send messages from code, you can use any programming language that can perform HTTPS requests to the API. Below you will find the live API tester with ready-to-use code examples in a variety of programming languages.


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