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At Bulldog WP we have always believed in constant improvement to deliver a reliable and resourceful tool to broaden the use of WhatsApp for everyone.

Over the years, we have always been very busy adjusting and adapting our product to new needs and challenges, but this time we wanted to take Bulldog WP to a higher level. And our valued customers have had a crucial role in giving us suggestions to let us know what it was that they were missing the most.

All this feedback has not gone unnoticed, and thanks to your precious cooperation we are now thrilled and honoured to tell you that the new version of Bulldog WP is finally here!

Before we dig into the details, we would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have believed in us and supported all this time. We hope you enjoy the new platform 😀

Web chat interface designed for Team collaboration

  • We have given Bulldog WP a big makeover to be more modern and functional, but it's not only aesthetics: the new interface allows you to have smoother and more stable experience using the shared chat.

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